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I know first-hand how hard it can be to navigate graduate school as a first-generation BIPOC student. Because of this, I offer coaching sessions and workshops to help you learn concrete planning, organizing, and writing skills. I also provide compassionate support to increase your confidence in reaching your academic and personal goals.


Grad School and Productivity Coaching

For thirteen years, I have helped countless individuals apply, get into, and graduate from top master’s and PhD programs in humanities, social science, and STEM fields. I specialize in tailoring to the needs of first-generation students of color and early career professionals, which means that in addition to providing guidance on the app process, I also support you through your graduate school and post-grad journey. I believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge and tools necessary to reach their goals sustainably and live a life where they can thrive. 


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Graduate School and Productivity Workshops

I am available for virtual and in-person keynotes, workshops and group coaching organized by university departments, centers, and organizations who work with first-generation BIPOC folks. I am happy to discuss and tailor my talks or workshops on your specific group’s goals, needs, and outcomes. To date, 100% of attendees have reported that they found my workshops valuable. 

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