72: Finding Mentors and Building Community with Ana Barba

72: Finding Mentors and Building Community with Ana Barba

In this episode, we have another guest, Ana Barba, who discusses all about finding mentors and building community as a #firstgenstudent. We discuss seeking multiple mentors for different types of support, finding mentors among peers, staff, and family, as well as how to build strong relationships and build your community over time.

Ana Barba is currently a PhD Candidate in ChicanX Studies at UC-Santa Barbara. Her research project looks at the impacts of the use of metal detectors in K-12. She received her BA in Ethnic Studies from Humboldt State University (CSU) and a MA in ChicanX Studies from CSU- Los Angeles. She loves doing research, teaching, and most of all, mentoring the younger generation to get to where they want to go! She is also the founder of the Latina Chika Speaks Magazine and Podcasts where you can find different podcast shows and categories from which to read articles from.

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