70: Being a Grad Student with a Disability with Emeline Beltran

70: Being a Grad Student with a Disability with Emeline Beltran

In this episode, our guest, Emeline Beltran, speaks to us about her experience being a grad student with a disability. We discuss the differences in advocating for yourself in K-12 schooling versus in college and grad school, how non-disabled folks can offer support, if and when to disclose a disability, making the most of resources available to you, and much more!

Emeline is a second-year graduate student at California State University, Los Angeles in pursuit of her Master of Arts in Communication Studies. Her primary research interests are in intercultural and organizational communication patterns in health and higher education; and she aspires to work in communication, research, or programming roles in those fields. She has worked with and conducted research on many diverse populations, including undocumented college students, K-16 students with disabilities, and pediatric cancer families. Her experiences as a survivor of leukemia, which resulted into a permanent visual impairment, was a prefigure to her current education and career goals. You won’t want to miss this episode.

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