65: Perfectionism in/and Grad School with Dr. Veronica Eyo

65: Perfectionism in/and Grad School with Dr. Veronica Eyo

In this episode, our guest, Dr. Veronica Eyo, speaks to us about perfectionism. She describes what it is, how it shows up in others, her experience as a recovering perfectionist, and how perfectionism can come up in grad school.

Dr. Veronica Eyo is a bilingual Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles. She provides therapy for individuals and couples. She has a passion for working with mothers, new and seasoned, and first-generation students. She is a recovering perfectionist and her experiences through motherhood and navigating the higher education system as a first-generation student made her aware of her perfectionistic tendencies and she is actively working on decreasing them for herself and also to provide tools for others to do the same to live more fulfilling lives. Tune in to learn more!

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