263: Grounding Exercise: 5-Minute Body Scan for First-Gen BIPOCs

263: Grounding Exercise: 5-Minute Body Scan for First-Gen BIPOCs

In this episode, I guide you through a grounding body scan for first-gen BIPOCs designed to help you reconnect with your body and find peace amid the pressures of graduate school and professional life. Before diving into the exercise, I share my current struggles with career disillusionment and the importance of making ethical decisions that align with your personal values. I also share more about my upcoming projects, including a course on calming the mind and boosting productivity, my book promotions, and various speaking engagements. I hope you can use this episode to give yourself a moment of self-care today.

Listen to the body scan video on YouTube.

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263: Grounding Exercise: 5-Minute Body Scan for First-Gen BIPOCs


Dra. Yvette Martinez-Vu: [00:00:00] Welcome to the top global ranked and award nominated grad school femtoring podcast. The place for first gen BIPOCs to listen in on conversations about grad school, and growth. In this podcast, you'll learn about all things higher education, personal development, and sustainable productivity. This is Dr.

Yvette Martinez Vu, and I will be serving as your femtor, providing you with tips and tricks and everything else you need to know to successfully navigate grad school. For over 14 years, I've been empowering first gen students of color along their personal and professional journeys, and I'm really excited to support you too.

Welcome back everyone to another episode of the Grad School Femtoring Podcast. This [00:01:00] is your host Dr. Yvette. Today I have a different type of solo episode. I decided that I would record my first ever grounding exercise body scan video. This is five minutes. It's me walking you through a body scan and it's what I decided I needed at this point for myself that I hope will be useful for my listeners as well.

I need this because in the last week I have been struggling. I have been feeling really disappointed, really disillusioned. It just feels like there's no way to win in these systems, and [00:02:00] I just need to carve out some more time for myself, I need to slow down, and I need to figure out what are my next steps to continue doing work that feels good and that doesn't compromise my ethics.

I feel like I'm constantly, you know, writing that line of like, I need to do work that allows me to take care of myself and to take care of my family. And there are opportunities that are presented my way and I don't want to keep accepting opportunities that compromise my ethics or that don't see the value in the work that I do that are trying to be extractive.

So I am just taking things one opportunity at a time. And [00:03:00] testing some things out, some new things, some old things, and then just kind of continuing to do the things that do feel good. So more to come this year for me with my projects. You know, some of the things I've been working on are I've been working on a course that I'll, that will be released later in the year.

I'll share more about that course on calming your mind and boosting productivity later in the year. I have also been promoting my book. I have also been doing more speaking engagements and also getting interviewed on more podcasts. And right now I'm just trying to gear up to figure out what is the thing that comes next for me.

In my business and in my career, because I have noticed that in a lot [00:04:00] of career transitions, a lot of us who are highly ambitious, high achieving, perhaps you're a recovering perfectionist and people pleaser like me, like you just want to reach goals that allow you to Take care of yourself that allow you to, um, feel good about the work that you do.

And I've been having a lot of conversations with more women of color across different industries, because I do have this privilege of having access to a bigger network now, and I'm seeing across different industries, so. Much disillusionment. So many women of color and people of color doing their boss's jobs dealing with racism, sexism, ableism, all the isms.

[00:05:00] And folks are trying to figure out a way to make it work by either Changing jobs, changing industries, or leaving the workforce altogether to pursue entrepreneurship. And then on the entrepreneurship side of things, there's a bunch of us that are also disillusioned because we see that some of the folks that maybe we looked up to are also abiding by very questionable practices that are very extractive.

And, you know, just doing things and working with people that. Don't align, don't align, at least with my values. So in noticing this trend of just more folks feeling disillusioned, disappointed, it reminds me of that episode that I released earlier this year about [00:06:00] you have to choose your hard. There is no perfect industry, no matter if you stay in higher ed, no matter if you choose to pursue nonprofits, no matter if you start your own business, no matter if you decide to go corporate.

There is no perfect industry. There is no way out of capitalism. We're all implicated in some way, shape, or form. And so we have to figure out, in what way can I navigate this world to minimize harm to myself and to others? And you decide that for yourself. No one can decide that. No one should decide that for you.

And You know, let people hate, you know, on you if you go a different path. I've gone a different path and I'm okay with it. You know why? Because I'm really firm in the reasons why I've decided to pursue entrepreneurship. And right now I am at a crossroads. I'm trying to decide, do I stick with this and try to grow so that this goes on?

[00:07:00] continues to be work that is sustainable for me long term or do I pivot a little bit and keep my business but do take on some other types of work on the side? I don't have the answers, um, quite yet but I know to, I know what the next steps are. Let's just say that. So I know what I need to do next. I don't know what It's going to happen eventually for me, but I'm feeling good in this process of allowing myself to slow down.

to ultimately make my own decisions about what the next steps are and what helps me slow down are grounding practices. What helps me slow down is making time every day for me time. I've been doing this recently and it's really helping for me to carve out, make sure I carve out 15 minutes, half an hour, sometimes even a full hour for [00:08:00] myself, just for whatever it is that feels good for me.

And I get that this might feel like a luxury to some, you might feel like, you know what, I don't even have half an hour. If you don't have half an hour, what's five minutes? This grounding exercise that I'm about to walk you through. takes five minutes. Of course, I gave you this really, really long intro.

So if you want to just listen to the grounding exercise video, I'm going to link the YouTube video so you can go straight to it and re listen to it anytime you need to. So I hope that you enjoy. This is my first body scan video that I've ever done. I am a little bit, um, nervous about it, but it's okay. We all have a first time for everything, right?

So enjoy it. If you like it, listen to it when you need to. Think of it as my little treat to you to take care of yourself and share it with [00:09:00] others if you want other folks to benefit from a body scan as well. So that's it for today and enjoy the exercise.

Welcome to this grounding body scan exercise. With just five minutes of your time, you can reconnect with your body and be present in the here and now. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. As we go through the exercise, notice any tensions, tightness, or sensations without judging them. Simply observe with gentle curiosity.

We'll begin by bringing your awareness to your breath.

Notice the gentle rising and falling of your belly as you breathe in

and breathe out.[00:10:00]

Don't try to change your breath, just experience each inhale

and exhale.

Now bring your attention to your feet. Notice any sensations in your toes, soles, arches, heels,

and ankles.

Scan up to your calves, knees, thighs, [00:11:00] and hips. Notice wherever there is tension or ease.

Bring your focus to your lower back, abdomen, and higher back. Do you notice any pain or discomfort? Simply observe.

Now notice your chest, shoulders, and upper [00:12:00] arms.

How do they feel?

Observe your hands, wrists, lower arms, and elbows.

Now turn your attention to your neck and throat.

Finally, become aware of [00:13:00] sensations in your face, head, and scalp. What do they feel like?

Take a few more full breaths, breathing into any areas that feel tight or tense.

When you're [00:14:00] ready, bring your awareness back into the space around you.

This body scan is a gift for you to pause, Slow down and come back to your body and spirit. With practice, you can learn to be more present and embodied, no matter your circumstances. Thank you for taking time for yourself. May you bring the sense of ease and rootedness into your day.

Thanks so much for joining me in the Grad School Femtoring Podcast. If you like what you heard, here are four ways you can support the show. The first is to make sure you're subscribed and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. If you email me a screenshot, I'll send you a [00:15:00] surprise freebie. The second way is to get your copy of my free Grad School Femtoring Resource Kit.

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The last way to show your love is to order a copy of is grad school for me. My graduate school admissions book for first gen BIPOCs. Thanks again for listening and until next time.

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