23: Moving Away From Home for Grad School With Jessennya Hernandez

23: Moving Away From Home for Grad School With Jessennya Hernandez

In this episode we feature a special guest, Jessennya Hernández, who shares her experience moving away from home and moving out of state for graduate school. She shares the pros and cons of moving away and provides invaluable advice to other individuals who are considering embarking on a similar grad school journey.

Jessennya Hernandez is a Brown Xicana PhD candidate from Southern California (IE), first generation college/ grad student, and is in her 4th year in the Sociology department at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.

Her research interests lie in Sexuality and Gender; Race/ Ethnicity; Urban Sociology; Latino/a Studies; Political Economy; Resistance; Women of Color Feminisms; Queer of Color Theory; Intersectional Feminism; and Transnationalism. Her current dissertation research focuses on people of color, primarily working class queer Latinx femmes and women, in greater LA and how they create space for themselves as well as engage in creative/ artistic practices to navigate various forms of oppression in their everyday lives.

Jessennya’s goal is to highlight marginalized forms of knowledge, elevate queer people of color, and increase resources and access to higher education for black and brown communities through research, teaching, and mentorship.

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