127: Adulting and Life After College as a First-Gen Professional with Marisol Ibarra

127: Adulting and Life After College as a First-Gen Professional with Marisol Ibarra


This week our special guest is Marisol Ibarra (she/her) who discusses the topic of adulting and life after college as a first-gen professional.


Marisol Ibarra is the founder of Here Comes the Sun Podcast, where she helps first-generation students, college graduates, and professionals navigate the things that schools don’t teach. By day, Marisol is a legislative director who helps draft policy for communities of color in the state of California. She is also a proud daughter of immigrants.


In this episode, we discuss:

-Her experience majoring in Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona, completing a senior thesis, and studying abroad in Dubai and Hong Kong

-How working a 9am to 5pm internship helped prepare her for the workforce

-The post-graduation struggles of working full-time, not having a job, or going straight to grad school

-Money talk surrounding how to negotiate salary and benefits as a new professional and how to budget

-Time-management and self-care tips!


You can connect with Marisol by following her at:

@herecomesthesun_podcast on Instagram


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