116: Housing and Funding in Master’s Programs with Christina V. Rodriguez

116: Housing and Funding in Master’s Programs with Christina V. Rodriguez

I’m thrilled to have Christina V. Rodriguez from @latinaswithmasters as our guest speaker this week. She shares her insights all about housing and funding in master’s programs.


Christina is a multicultural and equity-minded marketer and educator with a commitment in creating equitable opportunities for Women of Color in business, housing and academia.


In this episode we discuss:

-Her first-gen educational experience taking gap years and reapplying to grad school

-Housing 101 and what to consider when searching for housing

-The hidden costs of relocating for grad school

-Her process of creating Latinas with Masters for Latina empowerment, where it’s at, and where it’s going


You can be in touch with Christina by following her on all social media platforms with the handle @latinaswithmasters.


Here are some other links Christina mentioned on the show:

-Latinas with Masters: https://www.latinaswithmasters.com

-Consumer Affairs: https://www.usa.gov/state-consumer


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