114: Financial Literacy for First-Gen College Students with Ana and Jeremy of Brewing Dinero

114: Financial Literacy for First-Gen College Students with Ana and Jeremy of Brewing Dinero

Check out the latest episode of the Grad School Femtoring Podcast which covers the topic of financial literacy for first-generation college students.

This episode features Ana and Jeremy who are a first-gen married couple on the path to financial independence and who are committed to spreading their knowledge of financial education among BIPOC and mixed immigration status communities.

In this episode you’ll learn all about:

-their experiences migrating from Mexico to California as children

-their college and grad school journeys in areas of counseling, engineering, and more

-strategies for paying for your undergraduate education

-quick and efficient ways to get started investing

-how our parents pass on their knowledge and views about money to us

-how to take advantage of financial education resources available

To connect with them, you can follow them on Instagram @brewingdinero

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