demystifying the Grad School Application Process

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from helping hundreds of first-gen students successfully apply and get into top graduate programs and turned it into an online course. The course identifies solutions to common pain points via exercises, templates, and several how-to videos.


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Grad Apps Demystified: A Step-by-Step Course for First-Gen Students Applying to Grad School

This course provides knowledge to demystify the graduate school application process, break down the process of applying into small manageable steps, and offers advice, tips, and downloadable resources to simplify the process of applying. Sign up for my online course to gain the tools necessary to submit a strong graduate school application.

This course is intended for first-generation students of color applying to graduate school. It includes a 40+ page application guide, 10 modules, and over 3 hours of short pre-recorded videos.

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