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The Grad School Femtoring Academy

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A group coaching program for first-gen BIPOCs seeking support to work on their personal growth, productivity, and wellness

purpose & justification

The GSF Academy is a group coaching program for first-gen BIPOCs seeking to learn the foundations of personal development and sustainable productivity.

Over the course of this program, you’ll be able to:

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What you'll learn

Week 1

Introduction to Personal Development and Sustainable Productivity

Week 2

Strategies for Effective Goal Setting and Action Planning

Week 3-4

Creating a Time- and Project-Management Toolkit for Sustainable Productivity

Week 5

Thriving in Community: Reframing Wellness and Care for First-Gen BIPOCs

Week 6

Lifestyle Design, Growth Mindset, and Redefining Success

Week 7-8

Lessons Learned: A Self-Assessment Workshop on Habits, Prioritization, and Accountability

Program Components


$600 value

On Demand Workshops

6 one-hr on-demand workshops with slides and transcripts

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$400 value

Live Group Coaching

4 live group coaching sessions (which are also recorded)


$200 value

Peer Sessions

4 peer accountability sessions


$300 Value

One-on-One Session

One 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with Dra. Yvette

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$250 value

Live Support

8 weeks of unlimited support and community access via my exclusive coaching platform and Slack

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$250 VALUE

12+ Bonus Resources

Over a dozen custom and downloadable resources made specifically for first-gen BIPOCs

And the following game-changing BONUSES:


The Investment

The total value of the program is $2000+ and it’s available to you at the following fee structure:

for working professionals


for graduate students


Please contact me for to receive the grad student discount code. I also offer a limited number of partial scholarships on a first-come first-served basis. If you are interested in applying for a partial scholarship, you can apply here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Weekly live coaching sessions and peer accountability meetings are scheduled during weekday afternoons PST. The date/time is subject to change if there are substantial scheduling conflicts among the participants. 

Expect to dedicate 3 hours per week to the program. 1.5 hours will be dedicated to our weekly meetings, another hour towards reviewing online module materials, and an extra half hour to completing any optional exercises. 

Being on camera is encouraged but always optional.

Live group coaching sessions are recorded and include captions. Peer accountability sessions will not be recorded. 

Individual coaching session includes the option to record and receive a transcript.

All workshops include video and audio with captions, transcripts, and copies of workshop slides.

If you require any other accommodations, please contact me and I’ll do my best to work with you within our resources and capacity.

You have lifetime access to the materials. Should I ever plan to close the program, all alumni will receive a 3-month notice before closing up shop.

Due to receiving instant access to a plethora of resources, there is a no refund policy. If you have questions about whether the program is the right investment for you, please book a 1:1 consultation meeting with Dra. Yvette before signing up. 

What are you waiting for? Ready to save your spot?

Click the link below to sign up for the program and get instant access to all program materials. 

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