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Grad School Femtoring, LLC (GSF) is a coaching and consulting company led by Doctora Yvette Martinez-Vu aiming to demystify higher education, foster personal growth and sustainable productivity, and support first-generation Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in reaching their academic and personal goals through a compassionate and social justice informed lens.

My book, Is Grad School For Me?: Demystifying the Application Process for First-Gen BIPOC Students, is officially out! Order today to get a free bonus by clicking the button below. 

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Dra. Yvette Martínez-Vu

Grad School Femtoring initially started as a podcast and was founded by Doctora Yvette Martínez-Vu when she discovered there was a strong need for demystifying higher education and teaching practical skills to first-gen BIPOCs. 

GSF offers grad school and productivity coaching and consulting services, talks and workshops, as well as free weekly podcast episodes to support undergraduates, graduate students, and working professionals in reaching their goals.


Interested in Working With Me?

I offer first-gen BIPOC students and professionals with tailored grad school and productivity coaching and consulting programs as well as speaking engagements to foster personal growth and sustainable productivity. 

Our services address challenges that first-gen BIPOCs experience through coaching sessions, workshops, curriculum, and resources that cover values exploration, strengths assessments, time and energy assessments, application essay support, and self and community care.

By equipping first-gen BIPOCs with insider knowledge and personalized tools, we help them to empower themselves to thrive academically and personally.


The GSF Academy

For students and professionals seeking to learn the fundamentals of personal development and sustainable productivity


1:1 or Group Coaching and consulting

For those seeking grad school application support and professionals seeking to improve their productivity and wellbeing


Workshops & keynotes

For universities and mission driven companies seeking a speaker knowledgeable about grad school, productivity, and work life balance

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The Grad School Femtoring Podcast

This podcast provides first-generation BIPOC folks with conversations about graduate school and growth to help you sustainably achieve your goals. 

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Grad School Femtoring Resource Kit

To get started and learn more, you can download a free copy of my 15-page Grad School Femtoring Resource Kit for first-gen BIPOC folks!

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